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5 Tips for Dealing With Fridays and Looking Forward to Monday

Has it been one of THOSE weeks? 

Particularly for small business owners, having a rough week of slow sales, delayed shipments and displeased customers, can really zap your mojo — that belief in yourself and your business.

We’ll, it’s Friday! And it’s time for a reboot. Here are a couple of tips on how to get your groove on again.

Set realistic boundaries: It’s truly not healthy and probably not necessary to work every weekend and every night. Set some boundaries for yourself. For example, instead of working through the night, set a “hard-stop” of 7 PM then stop! Leave all emails until the following morning. Make working weekends the exception rather than the rule — you’ve got a manager, so use him. You don’t want to become resentful about your business.

Break your goals into bite-sized pieces: A number of years ago, two researchers worked with children ages 7 to 10. Half the kids were told to set a goal of completing six pages of math problems per session, while the other half were told to set a goal of completing 42 pages of math problems over seven sessions. The findings showed that those who had smaller sub-goals completed their work faster and more accurately than those who were given one large goal.

Walk n’ talk: Making big decisions by yourself every day can be a draining task. Do you have someone you trust who you can go for a walk n’ talk with? There is something meditative and rewarding about walking it out. When you are walking there is a sense of going forward. The combination of walking and talking is powerful.

Believe in YOU: Don’t get hung up on your failures. Learn the lessons. Treat them as trials or practice runs in your quest for greatness. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

The mind is powerful; it believes what you feed it. The more you focus on the positive, the better you’ll stay focused on your goals and the more you’ll look forward to a new week with new goals and new victories.


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