Look Closely: Learn the Secret to What Your Customers are Really Thinking

What an awesome salesperson you would be if you could read your customer’s mind! Psychic powers are only had by certain members of the X-Men. But if you look close enough at a person’s face, you can get accurate insight into what they are thinking. It’s called the science of micro-expressions.

These tiny, brief changes to an individual’s face typically last between 1/15 to 1/25 of a second, displaying emotion before the person can consciously conceal it. Micro expressions are not learned; they are an involuntary response. When a customer is looking at a product, they’re thinking about everything from function to price and even to color. It’s that first emotional response that can give you an edge towards making a sale.


• Raised cheeks
• Wrinkled or tensed lower eyelids
• Lips drawn up at the corners
• Parted lips and teeth on display
• Crows’ feet at the outer edges of his eyes


• A pouting lower lip
• Lower jaw jutting forward
• Triangulated skin below the eyebrows
• The eyebrows’ inner corners drawn in and up
• Lips drawn downward at the corners


• Wrinkled nose
• Raised cheeks
• Lines showing beneath the lower eyelid
• Raised lower lip
• Raised upper eyelid


• Tensed lower eyelids
• Flared nostrils
• Extended lower jaw
• Staring or bulging eyes
• Firmly pressed lips
• Squared lips, as if ready to shout
• Lowered, drawn together eyebrows


• Widened eyes with the whites showing above and below the iris
• A dropped jaw with teeth on display
• Raised, curved eyebrows above stretched underbrow skin
• Horizontal forehead wrinkles


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