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In the world of digital advertising, posters are still tried-and-true classic means of promotion that remain exceedingly effective. From promoting band gigs to reminding us that we are what we eat (think back to the cafeteria in school), posters convey a message that sticks with us. 

There seems to be something about printed information that our brains find more enjoyable to and therefore easier to process. Recent research has shown that people are 70% more likely to recall an advert they saw in print than online. Splash that message on a poster and you’re sure to grab people’s attention. An advertising poster can not only boost your brand awareness in the area in which the posters are placed, whether in your shop, at an event (like a tattoo or car show) or as part of your trade show booth, it can also lead to a direct increase in business. 

Need more convincing? Here are a few benefits of advertising your business and products with promotional posters:

One of the main benefits of poster advertising is quite simply that it is comparatively inexpensive. Posters don’t cost much to design, are quick to produce and can stay up for a long time. Spreading your message to a wide audience in this way is far more cost effective than, say, radio, TV or digital advertising.

Whatever product or service you are promoting, marketing professionals and print experts know full well that a perfectly placed poster will stop people in their tracks. Thanks to their size and visual impact, there’s no doubt that a cleverly conceived poster with a compelling visual and pictorial message can be hugely effective in raising your brand awareness and visibility.

Statistics show that traditional print media including newspapers, magazines and poster advertising are highly trusted sources; much more so than online advertising and social media. Posters, in particular, have always appeared in public places which seems to make them more trustworthy than other forms of advertising.

One of the only things the vast majority of Millennials agree on is they don’t like to be marketed to. Gen Y craves brand authenticity, with 89% preferring simple, straightforward ads. Today’s younger generation of consumers is tech-savvy, meaning they can see through the proverbial digital “static” with on 46% believing paid online ads and approximately 63% of them using ad-blockers on at least one of their mobile devices to unspam the spam. Millennials crave connections, and posters compel them to interact with the brand on a personal level.

Want to know more about advertising posters? HQ Magazine has the design experience and printing partners to help you get your message out there with a great poster — we can even insert your poster into our monthly magazine and send it out to smoke shops and dispensaries across the country!

Give us a call at 505/275-6049 and let us show you want poster advertising can do for your brand and business!


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