Welcome Fall and Winter With Delicious CBD Hot Cocoas & Lattes 

Kefla, the Colorado based wellness company that produces certified organic cannabinoid infused products using full spectrum hemp extract, is thrilled to announce their launch of CBD drink mixes. From Chai and Golden Lattes to Hot Cocoa, Kefla’s Organic Hemp Infused Drink Mixes are destined to become part of your everyday routine.  


Whether you enjoy a lovely chai latte in the morning or a warming chocolate drink at night, Kefla has the perfect match for you and your lifestyle. These delicious drinks are convenient and formulated to deliver the combined benefits of active cannabinoids and exotic organic ingredients. As a mission driven company and member of 1% for the Planet, they create innovative products that help people effortlessly include cannabinoids and superfoods in their daily wellness routine. 


In keeping with their tradition of utilizing only the best quality ingredients in their products, Kefla incorporates mushrooms in two of their new drink mixes, their Chai Latte and Golden Latte. Long touted for their incredible benefits, the Resihi and Lion’s Mane mushroom extract add not only a unique and delicious flavor but added wellness qualities. 


Chai Latte Drink Mix with Organic Hemp CBD, Reishi Mushroom Extract, and Spices: Chai Latte is a harmonious blend of spices including cinnamon, ginger, and allspice with the added bonus of 825mg Organic Reishi Extract 4:1 and 25mg Organic CBD per serving. Supercharge your evening ritual by adding potent blend of botanicals, hemp cbd, and spices to warm dairy or non-dairy milk, tea or water. One serving makes an 8oz drink with 25mg CBD derived from Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and 825mg Organic Reishi Extract 4:1 Can be used as a topper for chia bowls, overnight oats, or smoothies. 


Golden Latte Drink Mix with Organic Hemp CBD, Lion’s Mane Extract, and Turmeric: Traditional Ayurvedic spices turmeric and ginger meet ancient Eastern practice with this combination of 1000mg Lion’s Mane Extract 4:1 and 25mg Organic Hemp CBD. Enjoy this potent blend of turmeric, ginger, Lion’s Mane and CBD any time as a warm, soothing beverage. One serving makes an 8oz drink with 25mg CBD derived from Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and 1000mg Organic Lion’s Mane Extract 4:1 Can be used as a topper for chia bowls, overnight oats, or smoothies. 


Fair Trade Hot Cocoa with Organic Hemp CBD: Add our cozy blend of Fair Trade Certified Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Milk Powder, and 25mg Organic Hemp CBD to hot water, milk, or go mocha by adding to organic coffee. Fair Trade Certified cacao from the Dominican Republic meets Organic CBD for a decadent and revitalizing dose of two of our favorite superfoods. One serving makes an 8oz drink with 25mg CBD derived from Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Can be used as a topper for chia bowls, overnight oats, or smoothies. 


At Kefla, their secret ingredient is making sure that the ingredients they use have no secrets. They make all their Kosher Certified hemp infused drink mixes with USDA certified organic full spectrum hemp extracts containing an abundance of naturally occurring cannabinoids, primarily CBD and a mixture of wellness bearing mushrooms. As a mission driven company, they endeavor to promote sustainable agriculture, improved working conditions and environmental integrity across our supply chain while providing you with the highest quality hemp-derived organic CBD products. That is why all their products are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade USA Certified, and include a QR Code linking to their lab results database which makes each batch’s test results publicly available. 


Kefla’s products are available at www.KeflaOrganics.com 



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