Nothing’s Impossible Glass


Based in sunny San Diego, California, Nothing’s Impossible Glass crafts unique accessories for the modern smoker. “Quality starts with the glass itself and its craftsmanship and design functionality,” says Ukiah Dublinski, the man at the helm of this premium brand of bongs, dab rigs and attachments. “I run my business with integrity and only sell products in which I believe.” 

“For me, smoking has always been about reflection and contemplation, almost like meditation,” Ukiah adds. “Our designs are created with positive message that helps motivate and makes you strive for your goals and aspirations.” 

The Flying Pig logo emblazoned on the pieces hearkens back to the old saying “when pigs fly,” meaning something is impossible. Ukiah wants people to think the opposite. NOTHING is impossible. “Maybe they’re sick and smoking to get better or they just want to improve their lives. We’re all about sending a positive message and promoting a Nothing’s Impossible lifestyle.” 



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