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Back-to-School Buzz: How This Year’s Spending Is Off the Charts

It’s time to hit the books and study up on this year’s record-breaking back-to-college spending! With students expected to drop a whopping $94 billion (according to the latest National Retail Federation survey), this is a class you won’t want to miss.

Gadgets Galore: Tech on Campus

College students are gearing up for the year with high-tech leading to record spending of $15.2 billion on laptops, tablets, and more. And what pairs better with a brand-new tablet than some stylish vape pens or modern accessories? Showcase your tech-savvy smoking gear to catch the attention of gadget lovers.

Big-Ticket Time: Dorm Life Deluxe

32% of those spending more this year are eyeing big-ticket items. Think dorm furnishings, tapestries, and more. Do you offer high-end smoking accessories or luxury items? Create a dorm essentials section that caters to college students’ tastes and their desire to personalize their new space.

The Smart Shopper: Savvy Spending and Stellar Deals

Even with the big spending, Phil Rist, Executive Vice President of Prosper Strategy, aptly says, “Consumers are all about stretching their dollars and finding value.” Run special promotions on starter kits for those new to the vape world, or offer bundle deals on essentials like lighters, papers, and cleaning tools. It’s all about maximizing those college budgets.

Digital Dominance: Online Is Where It’s At!

With online being a top destination for back-to-college shoppers, now’s the time to buff up your digital presence. Consider hosting virtual tours of your shop’s college-friendly products, or running social media giveaways targeted at college students.

Early Bird Extravaganza: Shopping Starts Now

55% of college-bound consumers have already started shopping, and they’ve still got at least half left to do. Launch those college-themed promotions now to capture and keep the momentum going right up to the first day of class.

Snack Attack: Not Just About the Gadgets

With spending on necessities like food accounting for part of this year’s increase, don’t overlook the munchies! Consider creating snack sections that could accompany late-night study sessions. Try Hot Chili Squid flavor potato chips and wash them down with Rocket Fizz Grass flavor soda (sorry, cannabis lovers, but the grass taste for this beverage is inspired by your front lawn).

Make the Grade

Back-to-college shopping isn’t just for department stores and electronics retailers. The modern smoke shop has an exciting opportunity to engage with college students and their families, offering unique and tailored products that make campus life a little more fun. Class dismissed, and happy selling!

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