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HighArtisan Custom Dynavap Accessories 

 Highartisan presents individually handcrafted stems, compatible mouthpieces, and more that are specifically designed for 8mm vapcaps and similar sized attachments. A Highartisan piece elevates an ordinary stock Dynavap or similar

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Hawaii Pipe Farm

Inspired by coconut and bamboo chalices out of which Rastafarians in the Virgin Islands smoke their herb, the founders of Hawaii Pipe Farm created a similar style of pipe with

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Carta 2 Smart Rig 

Geared towards the future, the Focus Carta 2 Smart Rig resides at the cutting edge of technology.   The Carta 2 boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element &

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Weedgets Maze-X Pipe

Weedgets was founded by Michael Barenboym, a world-renowned medical-device engineer and designer, who has developed lifesaving technologies including artificial heart systems, spine reconstructive surgical equipment, and endoscopic and laparoscopy robotic

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TIMBR Organics

  TIMBR Organics offers products made from premium hemp leaves instead of tobacco. The quality of their hemp means that you get an enhanced, rich, full-spectrum, and non-addictive smooth smoke.

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