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Canna Aid

Smilyn Delta 8/Delta 9 Chocolate Malt Balls

Experience the marquee taste of Delta 8/Delta 9 Chocolate Malt Balls, a star-packed performance that puts a fresh spin on your favorite movie munchie. These colorful and crunchy malt balls pack a potent proprietary blend of delta-8 and delta-9 THC, ensuring each bite delivers an unforgettable thrill.

The jar is brimming with 15 of these box-office hits, each delivering a solid 25mg of THC – that’s 375mg of sheer excitement in every jar. Crafted in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill and subjected to rigorous third-party lab tests, these malt balls bring quality and pleasure center-stage.

Using minimal and clean ingredients, and derived from industrial hemp, Smilyn Malt Balls set the scene for a dazzling sensory adventure. So grab a jar, sit back, and let the flavor spectacle leave you yearning for an encore.

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