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Ease the Friction With Lube, Glorious Lube!

When you sell smoke products, there’s often different kinds of consistencies of the products you sell. Think about it: glass, metal, plastic, and more—and other products that are liquid based—often for vaping, sometimes for cleaning, and more and more, for sipping.

But have you thought about one of the easiest upsell products when a customer is throwing sex toy in the bag with the pipes? It’s called lubricant. Personal lubricant, to be exact.

Just about every purchase of a sex toy or other sex accoutrement should have some good ol’ lube on the receipt, no matter how small the toy is or how many dick pills they’re buying. Lube is like what tires are for cars; sure you could hypothetically buy a car without tires, but you won’t get very far driving it. Lube will let you slide on for hours and hours of pleasure without dealing with that pesky burning sensation or testing the fragility of those rubbers you’ve been hanging onto well beyond their expiration date.

Let’s look at lube, my favorite sex toy.

I’ll briefly go into the ingredients in lube to educate not only yourself but also your hungry customers.

Water based lube has a variety of ingredients depending on what kind you buy. Typically, those ingredients include glycerin, water and a host of other things—and too often, those other things are ingredients customer may not want in their lube such as parabens, propylene glycol, etc. There are organic lubes and natural lubes, both of which have indicators like wearing the incredibly non-sexy FDA Organic symbol on its label. Natural is, well, whatever the company wants to say it is and if a consumer is more comfortable with wanting to purchase the lube that boasts “natural” on its label, then so be it.

Silicone based lube is another story. It has no water in it and is basically made up of three or more, long syllabled ingredients that are tricky to decipher. Basically, the chemical makeup of silicone lube is like little ball bearings that just roll on each other but don’t stick to one another. Or your skin. Or your toys. It has the qualities of an oil-based lube but is latex (condom) compatible. But it’s oftentimes a bitch to wash off your hands, especially when you have to use your fingers for things like handling glass bongs (CAREFUL!), opening condom packets (thank god for teeth but that’s another thing), and a host of other in-the-moment sex or smoking tricks that you require agile (and un-siliconed) fingers. Silicone lube is not my personal favorite, but I know I’m significantly outnumbered because I know plenty of people who love it.

Then there’s the hybrid category which blends together the best qualities of silicone and water-based lubricants in one handy bottle. The lubes in this category are easy to wash off yet typically stay impressively slick at the same time. I like the hybrids, that’s for sure.

There is also a plethora of hemp based, CBD, and THC lubricants, which are available at many dispensaries. The benefits of both the CBD lubricants and THC lubricants is that they act as vasodilators, increasing blood flow to the genitals and increasing sensation by other contributing factors. There are several on the market, including the popular THC lube by Kush Queen. Hemp based lubes such as Coconu’s Hemp Infused Body Oil are smooth and silky, On by Sensuva has Hemp Arousal Oil, and the CBD Intimacy Sex Oil by Foria is also an excellent product.

The best thing about many of these products is that they are available in packets or small bottles, making them portable and giving your customers an easy way to try something new to enhance their “pleasure high.” Just ask your distributor what brands they offer; the possibilities are legion.

So be sure to add personal lubricant to your offerings and have your customers slip it into their bag with their next purchase. They’ll love you for it!

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