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Wakit Grinders are a marketplace disruptor, as it answers unmet needs because of its speed, excellent stem-free result, and yielding a perfect texture and consistency every time. Wakit’s Ball & Chain patented technology mills condiments, spices, and dry herbs without crushing, thus better preserving the delicate properties.

Wakit Grinders have come to revolutionize the industry as the world’s first electric kitchen grinder that uses ball & chain technology creating ease of use and efficient experience. Now consumers can prep their condiment, spices, and dry herbs to a coarse consistency with no mess, no waste, and little to no effort as users simply press down on Wakit’s pressure cap to activate. One to two quick short taps will mill to a coarse consistency while adding another quick short tap will mill to a finer texture; the more quick-short taps you add, the finer the results.

G&E Innovations strives to bring a superior product to a diverse community of people from all walks of life. No matter how you enjoy your condiments, spices, and dry herbs, G&E Innovations has the solution for you and has priced Wakit Grinders so it does not break your wallet either.

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