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What can we say? A SurveyWhat Can We Say? A Reader Survey- Operation Pipe Dreams & Cannabis Prohibition

Attention smoke shop retailers! We’re shaking things up and tuning in to your beat. We’re on a mission to swap guesswork for real-deal insights, crafting articles that resonate with your day-to-day hustle. Your experience is our goldmine – share your wisdom, and let’s co-create a buzz-worthy read that’s as authentic as it gets. Ready to make some noise? Take the survey below and let your voice echo through our content.

Within the continually evolving smoke shop culture, the tides of legalization have redrawn the lines of what’s speakable. For many, gone are the days when the mere whisper of cannabis could spell trouble, and the term ‘bong’ was taboo. Now, with hemp’s legal embrace broadening horizons, the language and marketing of smoking accessories are entering uncharted territories. Our poll seeks to gauge this transformation: How have practices adapted? Are the old rules relics or still relevant? We’re gathering your insights to map the current landscape, ensuring our community thrives on the right side of change.