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BudTank Unveils XPRO: A Revolutionary Vape Device Redefining Innovation and User Experience

Experience the next level of vaping with BudTank’s XPRO. This revolutionary device is setting new standards for innovation and user experience, proudly claiming the title of the world’s first cannabis vape to feature a cutting-edge digital display.

The Journey of Innovation

The birth of the BudTank XPRO is a captivating tale of customer-centricity and extensive research. Rider, the Product Manager at BudTank, shares insights into this process, “Earlier this year, we embarked on a comprehensive series of customer visits and surveys, engaging with vaping enthusiasts from all walks of life. Their experiences, preferences, and suggestions played a pivotal role in shaping the XPRO. With their valuable feedback in mind, we set out to design a truly exceptional vaping device that would exceed the expectations of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.”

A Display of Excellence

The XPRO showcases an impressive array of features that sets it apart from its competitors. At its core is the built-in digital display, offering real-time battery life tracking. This feature enables users to anticipate when to recharge, ensuring uninterrupted vaping pleasure during their busy routines. With timely reminders, the XPRO keeps users powered up for their daily adventures, eliminating unpleasant surprises.

Customization at Its Finest

Understanding the diverse preferences in the cannabis vaping market, BudTank crafted the XPRO with a remarkable 3-10ml customizable capacity. Recognizing the increasing demand for delta-8 in the industry, this device caters perfectly to this trend. Enthusiasts can now enjoy an extended duration of vaping pleasure without frequent refills, thanks to the device’s ample capacity.

For those customers who prefer smaller volumes, the XPRO offers the flexibility to customize the capacity to 3-5ml, making it ideal for THC and live resin oils. This level of customization ensures that every user can tailor their vaping experience according to their specific oil preferences, guaranteeing a personalized and gratifying session each time.

Locking in the Flavor

The BudTank XPRO employs a cutting-edge ceramic heating element that takes vaping to a whole new level. Its upgraded ceramic core formula sets it apart from previous models, delivering a superior oil-locking effect for a consistently smooth draw. With the BudTank XPRO, users can indulge in an innovative and reliable vaping experience that satisfies their cravings to the fullest.

About BudTank

BudTank (, powered by Buddy, stands as a world-leading company in the vaping industry. With over a decade of industry experience, Buddy has established a stellar reputation for providing top-quality vaping hardware and innovative solutions. Leveraging this expertise, BudTank remains at the forefront of technology and design, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver unparalleled vaping experiences.

Each product from BudTank undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous precision, ensuring unmatched quality and customer satisfaction. The company values strong partnerships and is dedicated to tailoring solutions that empower cannabis businesses to thrive in a dynamic market.

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