Women in Cannabis

Amy Short

Amy Short loves cannabis and glass. As one of the family members, along with mom Leanne and sister Jennifer, behind Glass Vegas, the annual expo


Shana Wilkinson

Shana Wilkinson considered putting on a little makeup before leaving her house on the day she planned to take pictures for this story, but then she remembered that not only

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Amanda Smith

Empowering Women to Embrace the Counterculture Lifestyle Amanda Smith was an on-again, off-again stoner throughout her twenties and thirties. For her, smoking cannabis was something she did for fun and

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Tina Tsui

“The first time I smoked a joint was in high school,” says Tina Tsui. “I ate the roach because I was told that’s what you’re supposed to do.”  Quite the embarrassing

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Nikki Lynn

Promoting Smoke Shops as a Gender-Friendly Environment Women may be underrepresented in the smoke shop industry, but according to Nikki Carothers, co-owner of Herbal Equipment and Distribution, the circumstance is

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Esther Delgado-Lago

There’s an old saying that behind every great man is a great woman. In the case of G&E Innovations Consulting, it’s more like “beside” every great man– and great product

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Ginny Saville

The Botany Bay celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary in June, and its success is attributed to three P’s — passion, personality and perseverance (maybe a fourth being pot) inherent to its

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