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Canna Aid

Welcome to August. The fact that we have survived over half of 2020 already is in itself, a miracle and arguably cause for celebration. Thus far, we’ve weathered a pandemic, averted navigated mass chaos, and if the memes on Facebook are true, just missed a plague of murder hornets. If by December, we haven’t been nearly grazed by a comet, we should all be at least a little surprised.  


But don’t let all of the signs of the apocalypse distract you from the good things happening this year. Like, for instance, the fact that HQ and SSE are teaming up to create the ultimate smoke shop trade show experience. No, we’re not suggesting that spending a few days checking out amazing products with amazing people can make up for the calamity we’ve seen this year, but you have to start somewhere, right? Start here with us—and read all about it