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12 Days of Cannabis: A Cartridge & A Sticky Tree

Light up Your Holiday Season and Puff, Puff, Pass the Joy Around with HQ’s Twelvetide Season Soiree!

By Matt Weeks

It’s not too early to make plans! As we begin to see signs of the Christmas season stirring to life, the regular panic and expectations are ready to set in. But this year, HQ Magazine is out in front of the hectic holiday buzz. With our shiny nose glowing, we’re ready to light the way to better sales and an extra dose of holiday spirits (that’s nog, right?) with our “12 Days of Cannabis” event.

Each day, we’ll reveal a new themed event designed to engage and inspire both head shop retailers and their customers. Our goal is to spread seasonal cheer across the industry, showcasing the incredible diversity and innovation of our retail partners.

It all starts with “Gifts of Glass,” which will see us illuminating the beauty and artistry of our most exquisite bubblers, bongs, and bowls on our social media feed. We invite you to showcase your most exquisite glassware pieces on social media, tagging us and using the hashtag #GlasswareGlamour.

But that’s just the beginning! Over the subsequent 11 days, we will guide Santa’s sleigh through a curated journey, highlighting CBD, vaporizers, music, consumables, eco-friendly practices, gift guides, and community stories. At HQ Magazine, we believe connections are what define the holiday season. That’s why we’re encouraging retailers to take part in our festive campaign, sharing their unique takes on our themes and engaging with us directly on our social media platforms. And what would a holiday event be without a gift?

In the true spirit of Christmas, we’re excited to announce the HQ Holiday Giveaway. Participating retailers will have a chance to win an exclusive prize—a feature in HQ Magazine! Highlight your store, your team, and your unique story to our extensive readership, elevating your brand visibility within the industry. Entering the giveaway is as simple as engaging with us on social media. Follow our page, like our posts, and share your themed content using the dedicated hashtags we provide each day. But most importantly, we want to see you bring your own twist to each day’s theme, showcasing the personality of your store and your community.

Day 1: Gift of Glass

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 1: Gift of Glass

Give your store showpieces the treatment they deserve by dressing up your bongs as Christmas trees, filling bubblers with red and green water, and offering discounts on your glassware. Use Instagram to showcase the intricate details and artistry of your favorite pieces. You can include specials on bong cleaning supplies or accessories, perfect for those after-Christmas cleanings.



Day 2: Vaper's Paradise

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 2: Vaper's Paradise

Summon the ghost of Christmas blasts with the special deals on vaporizers, cartridges, and batteries. Use Instagram or Facebook Stories to highlight the different models you carry and explain their benefits.


Day 3: Stocking Stuff Spotlight

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 3: Stocking Stuff Spotlight

Display a range of pocket-sized trinkets ideal for stocking stuffers and offer a discount when multiple items are purchased together. Highlight the handy accessories like grinders, stash boxes, and cleaning tools.


Day 4: CBD Wellness Wednesday

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 2: CBD Wellness Day

Plan an in-store event or all-day promotion covering the health benefits of CBD products. Let customers sample the topicals, smell the flower, and see the edibles, all framed in a health-first perspective that makes them perfect for the non-cannabis enthusiasts on everyone’s list. Offer specials and discounts on your favorite products.


Day 5: Tunes & Toke

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 5: Tunes and Toke

Collaborate with a local musician for an in-store concert or Christmas carol singalong. Offer deals on products that pair well with music appreciation. Be creative! Everything from T-shirts to incense to the sound made by bubblers can be tied to music. Post videos on your socials, and don’t forget to ask the musician to announce the performance on their network as well!


Day 6: Shop Local Saturday

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 6: Shop Local Saturday

Show off your commitment to community by bragging on the local artisans whose products you carry. Offer special discounts on homegrown merchandise and share your favorite artists’ stories.


Day 7: Social Media Selfie Spot

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 7: Social Media Selfie Spot

Designate a beautifully decorated corner of your store for customers to take selfies. And don’t underestimate the pull that a pair of reindeer antlers, a red nose, and a long red cap bring to a photo shoot. Those who snap a pic and share it on social media with a specific hashtag receive a discount.


Day 8: A Head Shop Holiday Giveaway

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 8: A Head Shop Holiday Giveaway

Bring in customers and increase sales with a free product giveaway. Select a smattering of items, from rolling papers to one-hitters to a grand prize piece and offer your patrons a chance to win with every purchase. Have them spin a prize wheel, pull a random gift from a stocking, draw a ticket, or open a gift box.


Day 9: Go Green!

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 12: Go Green!

Stay positive by keeping things carbon neutral. Today, you can offer discounts on eco-friendly products and share information on their benefits through social media.


Day 10: Furry Friend Day

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 10: Furry Friend Day

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people love their pets. Invite your customers to bring Fido with them while they shop and be sure to keep a bowl of treats by the register. If that sounds like too much, consider making your house cat pull their weight for one day by working as a shop kitty. Don’t forget to post pictures!


Day 11: Toker Tech Day

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 11: Toker Tech Day

Highlight the latest tech in the cannabis industry, from vape pens to high-tech dab rigs. Have a few intricate pieces out and show customers how they work. Run a discount or special bundle deal on your nerdiest items.


Day 12: Gorgeous Gift-Wrapping

12 Days of Cannabis, Day 12: Gorgeous Gift-Wrapping

We all love a nicely wrapped gift, but not all of us are equally skilled in the craft. For those of us with fumbly fingers, you can add that finishing touch. Offer complimentary in-store gift wrapping for any purchase, big or small. Set up a dedicated wrapping station adorned with festive decor, and display a range of beautiful wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags for customers to choose from. A beautifully wrapped gift makes it all the more special, and your customers will appreciate the added convenience during the hectic holiday season.


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