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Amber Rose

Model. Recording artist. Actress. Author. Reality star. Entrepreneur. Vape enthusiast? it’s a wonder Amber Rose has the time left over to breathe, let alone inhale. Yet, somewhere between all the star-studded appearances and runway fashion shows, she’s found the time to release her own signature vape through Kandypens.

Aesthetically, the pen oozes with Rose’s signature allure. It’s lavish but not gaudy; achieves elegance without pretension. Coated in a shimmering lacquer and accented by gold trim that’s brushed with specks of glitter, it would probably be less out of place in an Estee Lauder makeup bag than your standard stash case.

It’s not all glitz and glamour, though. It’s equal parts quality and performance. Each unit comes standard with three premium concentrate chambers: an all-quartz crystal coilless chamber for a low temp/high flavor experience, a dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber for massive cloud production, and a 5ml glass tank for smooth, tasty draws. The color-coded Kandypens logo button switches the device on and off, as well as toggles between temperature settings, of which there are four. A double-tap of the button will enable “Sesh Mode,” allowing 10 seconds of continuous vaping. Amber Rose and Kandypens, style and quality. It’s a celebrity marriage that might just last.

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