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A Pot for Pot Grow Kits 



You don’t need to be a farmer to grow your own weed. A Pot for Pot Grow Kits are perfect for the novice grower as well as green thumb who wants to learn more about cannabis cultivation. Legal in all 50 states, the grow kits contain everything needed to have a healthy harvest at home — the special living soil blend provides all the sustenance the plant needs from seed to harvest. The auto-flowering seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors on your desktop, patio, balcony, dorm room or garden next to the zucchinis.  Powered by the sun or artificial light, buds will be popping in as little as 80 days (about 2 and a half months). Available in three sizes, every kit is handcrafted in California and includes step-by-step directions, fabric pot and drain saucer, coco brick, seed germination kit, soil and nutrients, root booster, watering spray bottle, trimming scissors, even a smartphone lens so you can magnify the buds to determine the optimal harvest time and easily share photos with friends online. Each kit includes a coupon for ordering your seeds of your favorite strain online. 




Canna Aid

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