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AFG Distribution

AFG Distribution has secured its place as a powerhouse in the cannabis and vape industries with a vast catalog featuring hundreds of popular brands and over 8000 product SKUs. Recently, they’ve made a significant investment in their future –- and that of their customers — by constructing a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot warehouse. The new space boasts five loading docks, expanded order fulfillment stations, increased offices, conference rooms, and support facilities – all designed to enhance AFG’s ability to serve their customers.

Since its inception in 1999, AFG Distribution has called Asheville, North Carolina home. Founder Jayson Magura started out by selling smoking accessories at Grateful Dead and Phish concerts, storing his products in his garage. As his stock grew and overtook rooms in his home, Magura expanded to a warehouse space. With an ever-increasing product selection, AFG Distribution developed a dedicated sales team, product developers, and all the necessary resources to serve its growing customer base.

“At AFG we pride ourselves on our rigorous vetting process, which ensures that we only offer the highest quality and best-selling products. With many of our team members being industry veterans, we possess a unique ability to predict product life cycles accurately. We take all feedback seriously, not only from our sales team but also from our customer service team, to guide our product selection,” asserts AFG’s Marketing Manager, Ben Dickert. “This approach allows us to stay ahead of industry trends and maintain our reputation as the premier one-stop destination for alternative products.”

As noted by Dickert, AFG has been strategic in their pursuit of established and trusted brands, in both the smoke shop industry and pop culture and entertainment arenas including Lord of the Rings, High Times, and Cheech & Chong. The recent acquisition of the official LOTR license is a prime example of this approach and a perfect fit with their popular Shire pipe designs. Each is handcrafted from cherrywood, engraved with the symbol for characters including Aragorn, Smaug, Gandolf, and Sauron, and comes in a collector’s gift box. With Amazon Prime set to release several new series adapted from Tolkien classics, AFG is well-positioned to capitalize on the renewed fandom that will inevitably follow.

Dickert acknowledges that trademark infringement is a common issue in the alternative products industry. That’s one reason AFG has prioritized compliance and legality in acquiring official licensing contracts. “Obtaining these agreements requires a significant amount of work,” he notes, “[licensed products] are something relatively new for AFG and it’s really exciting.”

AFG has a collection of proprietary labels, including Herbal Chef, Crud Bud, LighterPick, ThreadHeads, and SeshGear. Pulsar is their primary in-house brand, and even though it started with vape products, it now also offers an extensive range of cannabis lifestyle products. Although its website address remains, the brand’s slogan “Enjoy higher culture” indicates that it caters to a broader audience, with products such as vaporizers, water pipes, grinders, rolling trays, tapestries, and other smoke shop essentials.

With the global vaporizer market projected to expand 3.5X its value from 2023 to 2031, product developers at AFG are always seeking new and inventive ways to enhance device design and functionality. Some of these ideas are so advanced that it can be challenging to find manufacturers who can turn them into tangible products. This highlights the dynamic nature of the vaping industry, with constant advancements and improvements being made to provide a better vaping experience.

When it comes to a basic 510 cartridge battery, there’s only so much improvement you can make. But there are innovative products like the Pulsar Sipper, a dual-use concentrate or cartridge vape, that combines retro styling with that high tech luxury of a hands-free auto-fill bubbler, that has quickly become a standard within the industry.

The 510 DL Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Vape Pen exemplifies Pulsar’s innovative mindset. Its stealthy form factor, signified by “DL” (short for “down low”), resembles a traditional disposable vape and allows users to fly under the radar as a quality metal exterior hides the cartridge inside.

Additionally, the DL Vape Pen gives users complete control through the power of breath. With five quick puffs, users can power the pen on and off, and they can adjust the voltage settings with just three quick puffs.

Another example of Pulsar’s progressive tech is the APX Pro Vape, which offers precise temperature control ranging from 320-430 degrees Fahrenheit in 1-degree increments. This allows users to customize their vaping experience for optimal flavor or dense vapor clouds. The device also includes a fan-favorite Cash Mode that increases the chamber temperature by 20 degrees for a super-charged hit. With a convenient onboard stir stick and tamping end, the chamber can be neatly packed for even heat distribution, while the adjustable session timer provides peace of mind and prevents overheating. The upgraded battery capacity powers 1.5 hours of vaping, or about 18-30+ sessions depending on the timer setting. Additionally, haptic feedback indicates when the device has reached the desired temperature or when the session has ended.

While the APX Pro is available in basic black, custom artwork designs, like Planet Fungi, Pulsar Camo, and Psychedelic Desert, make it an attractive choice for collectors seeking a distinctive and visually stunning vaporizer.

All of these products and more are found in the AFG Insider. Published six times a year, this exclusive B2B catalog is a valuable resource for retailers seeking to carry the newest and best selling products for growth and increased profits. Dickert emphasizes that partnering with AFG offers a clear advantage for both chain stores and mom-and-pop shops. This is because of the company’s unparalleled product selection, easy purchasing process, and dedicated customer support. Additionally, AFG provides a price match guarantee to ensure that customers get the best deal possible.

It’s clear that AFG takes pride in their constant efforts to offer the best range of products in the industry to their ability to meet customer needs. As Dickert points out, AFG firmly believes that keeping up with (and sometimes setting) current trends and actualising cutting-edge products combined with personal, attentive service is the key to providing the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

Canna Aid

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