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Canna Aid

After Party RA 

Have a tendency to overdo it? We’ve all been there. It’s hard to say no to a bit of liquid courage on a Friday night. But it’s even harder to say yes to a productive day that following Saturday morning, what with that tiny monkey inside your brain, trying to bore his way out with a hand-turned drill.  


Luckily, After Party RA is here to save what’s left of the day. It’s the all-natural way to help you undo some of the damage you did while the contents of your bottle had you convinced you were invincible. It won’t replenish the sleep you drunkenly decided you didn’t need, but it can provide you with a carefully formulated concoction of restorative compounds to help you bring your mind and body back into proper balance. 


The best part for local shops: The makers of After Party RA never sell directly to the public. Retailers will always get their cut, which means you’ll never be undercut, at least not by your supplier.  


Make those bad decisions sting a little less! 






Canna Aid

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