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Canna Aid

AIR BAR 7500 & 100

Raising the (AIR) BAR

AIR BAR 7500 & 10000

AIR BAR unleashes their latest masterpieces – the AB7500 and AB10000 with Pre Heating Coil (PHC) Technology—and they are a puff-tastic revolution. This is vaping taken to the next level, and it’s ready to rock your shelves.

The AB7500 and AB10000 are vaping wizards in a compact disguise, offering up to 7,500 and 10,000 puffs, respectively. They sport rechargeable (Type-C) batteries, adjustable airflow, and come in a dazzling array of 16 flavors to tickle every taste bud.

But here’s the real magic – PHC Technology. It’s a game-changer, delivering instant inhalation, 500-millisecond faster heating for a richer taste, and a 7% boost in vapor production. The faster heating isn’t just to quell your impatience; it also helps to extend the battery life.

Don’t just grab a bar; raise it with the AB7500 and AB10000 with PHC Technology from AIR BAR.

Canna Aid

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