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AirVape USA:  Passionate Advocate of Conserving Nature

AirVape Legacy was born after two years and countless revisions and the addition of some design twists. AirVape came up with this futuristic and elegant look that makes the Legacy not only the best portable vaporizer 2021, but also something of an eye-candy.


The name suggests both the technological Legacy of AirVape and the environmental one of what we leave behind. 


“We always had a concern about environmental impact, and in 2016, we finally had the chance to start making our first steps towards a more eco-conscious future. We started proper recycling of old vapes – even models from other brands. It was a small step, yet we always believed they would add up, initially,” says Roland, CEO of Vape USA (


Then the following years, AirVape started changing the product packaging to recycled paper. In 2019 they set the intention to design their flagship model to be a milestone of this movement. The Legacy’s final touches featured the most eco-friendly vegan leather and textile made from hemp.


Recently, AirVape partnered up with like-minded companies: Eart & Co. and OneTreePlanted; coincidentally, they announced the release of the Special Edition of the Legacy that will sponsor the planting of 10 trees after each unit sold. Not to mention that it will be shipped in full, plant-based bubble wrap envelopes.


With its pure convection heating tech, ultra-fast heat-up time, wireless charging capability, plus a few other surprise features, the AirVape Legacy is the most technologically advanced dry herb vaporizer ever released by Apollo Design & Tech.


From the very beginning, AirVape made a powerful statement by backing their product’s quality with a unique Lifetime Warranty, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this company stand out.


Vape USA  is one of the very few companies that design their products also based on feedback collected from their customers. “We listen to you” is the recurring theme in many of their videos, explaining how important it is for them to receive your feedback and do the absolute best to make the customers happy.


The current features were inspired by all the feedback they collected from the AirVape XS and X models. The X model marked the thinnest dry herb vaporizer on the market, got the spotlight when it was the highest-rated vape of ’19 and ’20, voted by Wirecutter, a New York Times publishing company.

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