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American Kratom Association Introduces GMP 3.0

The AKA has taken the necessary steps to further protect the 11-15 million American’s that safely consume kratom daily. The introduction of the ‘Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program 3.0’ will provide the following consumer assurances through certified vendors:

Safety – access to unadulterated kratom products

Identity – proper marketing and clearly marked labels and packaging

Wholesomeness – the freedom to access safe kratom made the right way

Despite a barrage of disinformation on kratom circulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dating back to 2012 when they began their anti-kratom crusade that included two separate recommendations for scheduling of kratom under the provisions of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), kratom remains legal simply because kratom, in its pure and natural form, does not meet the scientific criteria for scheduling. The GMP program includes an auditing process that confirms committed vendors are not producing kratom products that would cause for kratom to be scheduled.

The AKA has reported more than 60 kratom vendors to the FDA over the last 2 years. In August 2022, the FDA made its first action towards 3 of those vendors that were reported. 56 of these vendors continue to directly ignore the commitment to the manufacturing and sale of unadulterated kratom or continue to make false medical claims. The AKA will continue to report these bad actors not in line with the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program.

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