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Canna Aid

Anslinger Glass


To all the turn-and-burn bottom feeders who’ve opted for the quantity over quality route: This blurb isn’t for you. It’s not that we want to leave you out or make you feel unwelcome. We just know that getting your customers to understand the value of handmade functional art produced by a master of his or her craft just isn’t your bag. You sell pipes—and that’s fine. But for now, we’re going to discuss some sacred chalices.  


Anslinger Glass is a one-man glassblowing operation out of Sultan, Washington that provides a sort of bridge between the run-of-the-mill prodo spoons and the five-figure heddies that serve more as credibility trophies than commodities. Every piece from Anslinger is a one-of-a-kind work of awe-inspiring functional art that demonstrates a care and precision that can only be achieved by a multi-decade, veteran craftsman. For the quick sale, look to China. But for an accessible piece of sacred art that will be treasured for a lifetime, consider Anslinger 







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