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Canna Aid

Ardent Nova Lift

Forget about the baking sheets. Forget about the oven. Hell, forget about that pesky neighbor with the olfactory capabilities of a K9 that keeps threatening to rat you out. The Ardent Nova lift is here, an easy to use, in-home decarbing unit that effectively activates your choice herb without charring the goods.

Operation couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the high-grade metal chamber with up to 2oz of material, pop the lid back on, and push the button. Then, just kick back and watch some TV. Your material will be ready for use in approximately two hours—or 4.5 Rick and Morty episodes. Wan to make some oil when it’s done? The Nova’s got you covered there to. Just load it back in with the viscous fluid of your choice.

It’s quiet, it’s odorless. It has dual sensors. It’s sturdily built with the highest quality materials. Perhaps best of all though, is the fact that it’s distributed by Greenlane, meaning you can buy with confidence, knowing you’re getting top-quality service while buying a top-quality product.

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