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Are You Ready for Online Holiday Shoppers? 

According to a new survey conducted by Dynata for Redpoint Global, a software company providing omnichannel support to retailers, nearly two-thirds of the 1,000 adult shoppers questioned (62%) planned to do all their holiday shopping online. 


With that being said, e-commerce holiday retail sales are expected to grow between 25% to 35% from November through January, reaching $182 billion to $196 billion in total. Are you ready to grab a piece of that pie? Here are a few tips to get your online experience tuned up and ready for holiday shoppers. 


Evaluate the Overall Experience 


Use your website design to bring your brand to life and create a personalized shopping experience for all of your customers. If you’re having a holiday sale on different products, you should cross-sell and upsell products that directly complement the sale. 


Showcase your holiday products. Start by determining which products you’re going to sell this holiday season. Are there specific product bundles your target audience has been wanting? What about seasonal favorites?  


Product recommendations that speak to the consumer as an individual shopper can have a lasting impact.  


Optimize the checkout page 


By the time a customer reaches the checkout page, they’ve already decided they want to make a purchase. Optimizing your checkout page means making the process as smooth as possible, so the customer doesn’t leave before completing the purchase. 


Create a seamless checkout experience by only having one checkout page, enabling guest checkout, and offering several payment options. 


Make it Memorable 


At a time of year when your customers are likely to come home to a myriad of generic boxes from mass marketplaces that contain more air than product, you can truly set your brand apart with a thoughtful packaging experience that elevates your direct customer connection. 


A simple hand-printed thank you card can make all the difference to a customer’s experience. Don’t forget to throw in a few “stocking stuffers” like stickers, rolling papers, and anything with your store name and logo. And don’t forget to include an exclusive coupon that will bring shoppers your way for a good start to the new year! 


Canna Aid

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