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Canna Aid

Arizer Extreme Q

PSA: The table top vaporizer isn’t dead. At least, not if Arizer has anything to say about it. And thank the ganja gods they do. They’ve created some magic here that pocket battery technology just can’t pull off yet.

Arizer’s Extreme Q is a virtual powerhouse of flavor and functionality that is absolutely LOADED with options. For inhalation, there’s whip or bag. If you’re more of the bag type, there are three fan speeds. For temperature selection, you can take advantage of the widest range on the market and dial in precisely or choose from one of multiple popular presents. If you’re forgetful, there’s an auto-shutoff feature with two and four-hour options. If you need to “freshen up” the room when you’re done, there’s an aromatherapy dish. To adjust the settings, you can work the buttons next to the bright, LED screen on the unit or use the included remote to do it from across the room.

There’s really too much here to cover a short magazine article. But none of this would really matter if it didn’t deliver the goods your customers are looking for: thick, rich clouds of terp-laden bliss. And of course, it delivers. This is Arizer we’re talking about.

IG: @arizertech

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