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Authentication System “Weeds Out” Counterfeit Cannabis

Is it cannabis or oregano? A company called Solo Sciences  has launched what it claims is the world’s first cryptographically-secure cannabis product authentication system, enabling distributors to verify the origin of their merchandise and consumers to verify the authenticity of products. 

As with goods in all consumer industries, the cannabis market is saturated with counterfeit products that can easily pass as the real thing to the unwitting customer, and the consequences of purchasing and consuming knock-off cannabis products can be fatal. With solo sciences’ research showing that up to 80% of all packaged cannabis products on the US market are counterfeit, both legal and illicit, it’s more important than ever for consumers to know what they’re getting when walking into a dispensary. As regulations around cannabis continue to be unpredictable, solo* provides consumers with trust and transparency, by offering a comprehensive solution that verifies the legitimacy of a product.

“We’re proud to be a launch partner for solo*CODE™,” said J. Smoke Wallin Vertical Wellness CEO. “We demand the highest standards in terms of product safety and excellence. We want the distributors in our network to know that our brands and CBD products they’re selling in stores or online are the real thing. Through the solo*CODE™, consumers can get a download of exactly what’s going into their bodies, in real-time through the mobile app. This builds trust and transparency and should be the industry standard across the industry”

“The world of cannabis is murky, unpredictable, and often not safe,” said Ashesh (Alex) Shah, CEO and founder of solo sciences. “As brands and governments are struggling to fight the illicit market, we created solo* to solve that problem by creating transparency into what cannabis providers are actually selling to consumers. Solo is designed to keep people out of the dark when it comes to what they’re consuming and putting into their bodies, so they feel secure and knowledgeable about the products they’re purchasing.” 

To date, Solo Sciences has partnerships with 53 cannabis brands and is expected to ship more than 9 million encoded units over the next 12 to 24 months. Over the next year, the company plans to expand its reach, partnerships and packaging operations to become the new standard for cannabis authentication.