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Dubbed, the rig with which you can “create moments to remember” the AUXO Cira concentrate vaporizer is a product born out of more than two years of research and fine-tuning. Powered by AUXO’s innovative Heating Wire Technology, featuring a titanium and quartz heating chamber, Cira delivers a temperature range of 450 – 1000 degrees to create a customized dabbing experience to satisfy any taste. Cira’s extended heating mode keeps a constant temp and extends sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle.  


Cira’s high-quality materials, including borosilicate glass, titanium, quartz, anti-scalding wave design grip, and heat-resistant materials, offer a product that not only looks and feels luxury level, but will withstand the test of time. Cira Glass Mouthpiece Kit includes an aqua bubbler with compatible carb cap and silicon tether. Each bubbler is hand blown by highly skilled craftsman and built with premium borosilicate glass. 


Instead of making consumers compromise on either comfort of consumption or affordability, Cira provides a first-rate concentrate vaping experience at an affordable price (MSRP $179.99). This mid-price range vaporizer goes head-to-head with many of the high-end vapes on the market without breaking the bank. AUXO hopes that Cira will help make concentrate consumption accessible to more consumers. 

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