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Canna Aid

Bath Soaks by Sativa Scents

The folks at Sativa Scents are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who would never break the law, or even violate statutes set out by government agencies who technically have no lawmaking authority, yet still seem to set all the rules. We won’t name names, but you likely know of whom we speak. 

Anyway, since they refuse to break the law, they’d probably never tell you about how their CBD-infused bath soaks have helped customers mitigate the swelling of calves and ankles caused by inflammation and water retention. They also would probably never tell you about how one customer testified that their chronic leg cramps were all-but-eliminated with daily use. 

Why wouldn’t they tell you any of this? Because those are the rules, dammit, and they follow the rules to the letter, regardless of how arbitrary they may seem.  But we’re a neutral third party, so we can pass this information along. You’re welcome. 

Full disclosure: Sativa Scents did not furnish or authorize any of this information. It was all obtained describe yourself essay through third-party testimonials. 

Sativa Scents Bath Soaks are handmade in the U.S.A., using soaking salts, combined with essential oils, infused with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD, and are sold exclusively in brick-and-mortar retail outlets. 


Canna Aid

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