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Big Pipe

Statistical truth: Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of 420-friendly consumers.  

Truthy truth: When they show up looking for accessories, they’re likely going to pass on that app-controlled wax pen with precision-dialed temperature options and variable voltage settings. Typically, they’ll be looking for simple and familiar—and often, that means the old school metal pipe with the threaded junctions and removable lid. 

For those customers, consider grabbing a few units from Big Pipe. Now in business for the better part of three decades, the folks at Big Pipe have consistently offered a wide array of unique twists on the classic metal pipe design, every one of them O-ring sealed at every juncture for a tighter draw and a cooler touch and lovingly assembled in Atlanta with quality parts sourced from Chicago.  

Their most popular pipes to date are by far, their new silicone variations, from the super squishy Kushies to the semi-soft Gelz, to the rigid Gelgrips. The silicone stems are not only fun to pick up and play with, but also incredibly effective at eliminating conductive heat transfer, thereby eliminating the risk of a burned lip from a hot mouthpieceBut if the silicones aren’t your jam, no worries. They have over 1,000 designs from which to choose, every one of them backed by the company’s satisfaction guarantee.  

888.244.7473 (888.BIG.PIPE) 






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