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Are Botanicals the Future of the Vape Industry?

In the face of increasing prohibition of tobacco products and nicotine eliquids, a small Southern California company is trying to find a better way forward. Elixir Distribution ( ) of Long Beach, CA has dedicated themselves to providing highly effective, all natural alternatives to tobacco products and pharmaceuticals.

In 2015, Elixir introduced a line of botanical infused e-liquids called EPOTHECARY. These products tripled the efficacy of herbal supplements and gave customers a new way to improve their health on a daily basis.

They saw how effective nicotine vaping had been in helping them and many others to quit smoking. That said, they were concerned about the effects of high concentrations of nicotine on brain chemistry.
Elixir decided to specially formulate an all natural, non addictive alternative based on what they learned with EPOTHECARY. Coming out of that effort, they introduced Botanika – a powerful blend of botanical extracts. The benefits of these herbs combine to deliver meaningful support for moving away from smoking and nicotine.

Elixir’s users can attest: “Closing in on 33 days since I’ve had nicotine and I don’t miss it one bit. And, I’ve been going to bed easier, waking up earlier and more refreshed, and “12 weeks nicotine free tomorrow. I don’t miss it at all. Still experiencing the same benefits I was at six weeks. Better, more consistent mood. Better sleep. And the whole not needing a nic fix is the best part!” 

The vape industry has been through some serious ups and downs in recent months. Onerous rules, steep taxes, government bans and FDA regulations have made it almost impossible to operate. Not to mention, the health risks of prolonged nicotine vaping still remain.

With Botanika, Elixir wants to help you move yourself, your shop or your juice business beyond nicotine – including its’ health risks and the impossible regulatory climate surrounding tobacco products.

Editor’s note: The diversification of shops offering several complimentary and alternative products like Botanika can minimize the potential risks of regulatory restriction and potentially keep vape shop’s doors open as retailers indefinitely.

With the amount of regulation and taxation around nicotine, it can also be much cheaper to operate with Botanika. They ask you to take a moment to factor all of the regulatory, environmental, and legal fees associated with nicotine.

Again, Botanika is a blend of approved herbs including green tea, yerba mate, passion flower and burdock. The combination mimics some of the effects of nicotine while also supporting stress, appetite and detox. The benefits of botanicals – combined with the act of vaping Botanika when cravings occur – often helps users move past their nicotine addiction.

The cool thing for manufacturers and shops is that the CA Board of Equalization has provided Elixir with a letter stating that these products do not require a tobacco license and do not fall within the tobacco tax structure.

In terms of labs and testing, Elixir can provide certificates of analyses and MSDS. Their extraction partner in Hawaii uses GMP and organic raw materials to provide Botanika users with the highest quality product available.

Legal Disclosure: Elixir’s legal position is that these products are regulated as herbal supplements and/or direct inhalation aromatherapy under the 1994 DSHEA which regulates herbal medicine solutions.

WARNING: Statements about this product are not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Do not mix with nicotine. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.