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Canna Aid

Boulder Case Company 

Quality American glass is anything but cheap—and with good reason. When you buy an American piece, you’re not just paying for a smoking device. You’re investing into an American artisan who has poured his passion and creativity in the work of art you now hold. It’s not commodity; it’s a sacred vessel.  

Hence, why a piece of quality American glass deserves a quality American case. You need to protect that investment!  


Boulder Case Company offer a wide variety of airtight, waterproof and virtually indestructible hard-shell cases, all designed, developed and manufactured right in the city bearing the company namesake—all the way down to the foam. Yes, even the foam is locally made. Other potential features include a locking option, pressure gauge, a choice between pluck-and-pull, die cut or custom foam and an “unflinching” lifetime guarantee (some models excluded). Designed with a corrosion-resistant hinge latch made of stainless steel and available in a massive variety of colors. 




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