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Canna Aid

Cali by VIBES Premium Rolling Papers 

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. But it didn’t just sprout of thin air. This iconic herb grew through the ingenuity of Berner, aka Gilbert Milam Jr, an influential rapper, serial entrepreneur, and CEO & Founder of Cookies, one of the leading cannabis lifestyle brands. Now Berner has his own papers – VIBES Fine Rolling Papers, a joint venture (no pun intended) with Greenlane, and even a signature style pre-roll cone that mimics his unique rolling style: a cylindrical pre-roll tube with a wide circumference that delivers optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a big-smoke experience.  

The Cali is rooted in years of research and was developed to offer consumers an alternative to the traditional cone to complement a variety of material types and smoking preferences. The Cali is offered in three sizes – One, Two, and Three Gram – across all four signature VIBES paper collections: Ultra Thin, Rice, Hemp, and Organic Hemp.  

“We can all appreciate the cone, but as passionate smokers and connoisseurs, we are gonna continue to focus on quality papers and products that consumers are missing, such as The Cali,” Berner said. “I personally have been rolling for 20 plus years, and was constantly told by friends and people I have connected with that ‘if I could roll like that, I would smoke joints over blunts.’ Well, now all you have to do is stuff and puff with The Cali.” 


Canna Aid

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