Cali Kulture

If there’s a popular brand name that you recognize from the smoke and vape industry, it’s safe to say it’s represented among Cali Kulture‘s thousands of SKU’s.

When Cali Kulture was formed in 2013, there were few distributors that were able to match supply with the ever expending smoke and vape markets – often times, retailers needing product were forced to get them from vendors at a price point that made it challenging for them to make a profit. As the Cali Kulture has grown, they’ve developed relationships with the leading brands in the industry and share the resulting benefits with retail customers.

“Every store wants to have the best products, and because of the huge volume of products that we stock, we’re able to target a higher-end market, and still get it to our customers at an affordable price range,” says Cameron Spinks, one of Cali Kulture’s sales leads.

So assured is Cali Kulture that they have the best prices, that they offer a price-match guarantee. They also maintain consistent inventory levels to ensure that products are available at the time orders are placed. Because they work so closely with brand companies, even the hottest products on the market are sure to be in stock.

With such a wide assortment of products, Cali Kulture maintains a knowledgeable and supportive customer service team that not only cares about customers, but also are passionate about the industry as a whole. Their online ordering process, according to Spinks, is one of the company’s pride and joys.

“It’s very simplified and user-friendly,” Spinks says, “it even allows wholesalers and others with customized discounts to access that pricing directly on the website.”

“Keeping customers happy is the best way to do business,” Spinks adds. “Whether it’s getting orders out efficiently or helping customers be among the first to get new products coming to market, that’s what our goals are with our customer service.”

RAW, SMOK, JUL, VGOD, Naked, Bazooka, 7 Daze, VaporTech, Rescue Detox, EXXUS, Dr. Dabber, Grav Labs, Nugg Life, and Vapetasia are just a few of the well-known brands in the Cali Kulture catalog.

“We are very selective about the products that we carry,” Spinks says. “It really comes down to Cali Kulture wanting to carry products that we know will sell.”

“We work with some brands that people might not be as familiar with, but they are quality products,” Spinks adds. “There are plenty of brands that want to be on the shelf, and even though they may have a name, it wasn’t the kind of quality that we wanted to put the Cali Kulture name on.”

According to Spinks, the vaporizer market, especially, increasingly caters to customers wanting the latest and greatest products regardless of price.

“The fancier a vape is, the happier you are as a vapor,” he says. “With each new device that comes out, it’s basically an upgrade on the previous model. It’s like computers and cell phones, where by the time you buy a new product it’s almost obsolete. Vapors always want the newest and best.”

Oftentimes, when a company is ready to launch a new product, Cali Kulture is able to get samples into the hands of retailers so they can test them out and get promotions ready to excite customers. If a retailer is ordering from the Cali Kulture website they’ll be updated about any new products that are available.

“Our people are passionate about the industry, so when there is something new and fun one the market that’s caught our eyes, we make sure to get the best products for the stores into our warehouse,” Spinks says.

Along with smoke and vape items, Cali Kulture also has a wide collection of dispensary products, including top bottles, reversible cap vials, storage bags, concentrate containers, and joint and blunt tubes.

With so many new brands and products flooding the market, knowing which products are going to be successful moneymakers, can be overwhelming for retailers. Cali Kulture has the industry experience and product knowledge to help retailers make the best decisions.

“We give them that education, so rather than just buying something from us just because we say it’s great, they understand why it’s a good fit for their store and their customers,” Spinks says.

“It’s a crazy market right now – retailers have the opportunity to be successful in any segment that they choose,” Spinks says. “It’s really fun because the cannabis industry is looking to be a billion dollars in the next few years, and vaping is becoming a much larger option rather than smoking. Right now, these markets are only going up.”

“There are always new brands, and everyone at Cali Kulture wants to be a part of being able to help people – we have fun and we enjoy this industry,” he adds. “Whether we’re helping dispensaries to literally dispense medicine, or selling vapes to help people quit smoking cigarettes, it’s to be doing something good for people while at the same time making things a little easier for our customers.”


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