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Candles are one of the classic smoke shop essentials — but how much nag champa, sandalwood and patchouli can one nose inhale? What makes CandleBudz unique is that their candles are the first to incorporate cannabis strain-specific terpenes including Josh D, Sherbzilla, Sweet Berry, C-Biscuits, Apple Monkey, Backwoods, Heavy Melta (BlackBerry Kush) and The Original Jack Herer. 

CandleBudz candles, based out of Irvine, California, are made from soy wax and all ingredients are organic and/or naturally derived.  

To create the realistic aromas, CandleBudz partnered Abstrax, the leader in the research, development, and production of botanically derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes. Working with master cultivators to analyze the most popular genetics, the team mapped over 400 terpene and aroma compounds. 

Best of all — CandleBudz are for anyone who loves weed smell. Since terpenes do not contain any federally illicit THC or CBD, CandleBudz’s dank aromatherapy is available to consumers all over the world. And while the soy-based candles may smell exactly like ripe bud, cannabis scents won’t get you into any trouble, although they might elicit a response from friends in the next room wondering what exactly you are light up in there?! 

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