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Cannabis Advocates Push for Interstate Commerce



A coaliltion of more than 50 cannabis advocates and businesses have launched the Alliance for Sensible Markets with their sights set on cannabis interstate commerce among legalized states. The organization says cannabis commerce between consenting markets will have the following impact: 

  • Spur an immediate explosion of new investment, expansion, and business formation, creating tens of thousands of jobs and generating billions in economic activity in local communities. 
  • ?Establish profitable and sustainable legal industries in emerging consumer states, and stabilize businesses in producer states — and empower small businesses at every point in the supply chain.? 
  • Ensure that retailers in emerging markets can meet local demand for the highest quality medical and recreational products, and that processors and manufacturers have reliable access to sustainably and economically produced bulk materials and extracts. 
  • Create meaningful opportunities for social equity in legalizing states.  
  • Prepare for full legalization by developing a regulatory framework based on sound economic principles and common sense. 

According to the group’s website (, interstate cannabis commerce would be achieved in two steps: getting the governors “of at least two legal or legalizing states” to agree to an interstate compact for cannabis products, and forwarding the compacts to Congress for approval — hopefully in 2021.