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Canna Aid




Top shelf cannabis deserves premium storage. Transparent glass jars and plastic containers let in UV light that damages the trichomes that contain cannabinoids. A dark, air-sealed, humidity-controlled environment is the optimal answer. That’s where Cannador comes in. Modeled after a classic cigar humidor, the Cannador is designed to preserve your favorite flower by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintaining freshness, flavor, density, and taste. The solid mahogany interior houses a series of perforated containers where cannabis flower can be safely kept, and a unique Humidity Bead System maintains a constant rate of 65 percent RH by consistently absorbing and releasing moisture, as necessary. Mahogany wood as opposed to traditional cedar has the benefit of not producing any residue or odors and oils. It is also resistant to swelling and shrinking under changes in relative humidity providing stability for the long term. Whether you cater to customers who likes to dabble or are serious connoisseur who like to keep at least 5-6 strains on hand at any given point, Cannador has the options to fit any lifestyle. 

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