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CBD For the People

There are approximately 10,000 companies currently squabbling for a ticket on the CBD gravy train. And now that hemp has been legalized federally, rest assured, there’ll be 10,000 more to add to that list in the coming months. Yes, those are completely made up numbers, but the point within remains. As a retailer looking for quality, it can seem nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaffe—or more appropriately in this case, the hemp from the kenaf.

We can’t pick apart every company that comes through and give you a definite ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’ But we can point you in some promising directions, which is why we’re suggesting you take a look at CBD For the People. The message is all in the name. Their approach is simple but refreshing: People before profits; quality before quantity. What this means for you is a full product line that is made fresh, on-demand for every order, organic, uncut and unrefined, and 100% preservative, chemical and additive free. It also means exemplary customer service and fair pricing, as well as a guarantee from the company that with every dollar spent with them, they’ll be giving a little back to their community in which they work and live. CBD FTP, FTW!

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