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Canna Aid

CBD goes better with THC

If you’re using CBD for pain relief and to reduce inflammation, it may work better if there is THC involved, according to Terry Roycroft, CEO of the Medical Cannabis Resource Centre.

“We’re finding that even our medical patients don’t even want to get that high, and love the 1:1 ratios, or the high CBD ratios, so it is becoming a major medical scenario. It wasn’t before because everyone mistakenly thought that CBD didn’t do anything so there’s no real value to it, but those CBD producers always talked about the medical side of it,” Roycroft explained in a guest column for the dailyhive.

Roycroft says even with a THC element, there can still be less of a high.

“As we move into the next area, they’re adding 1%THC to 25% CBD, ’25:1 because CBD can also take away some of the high levels of intoxication effects. Because it mellows and coats some of your receptors, and protects you from getting too high.”