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Canna Aid

CBG Flower by Creating Better Days

Are you really still talking about CBD?

That’s so five minutes ago. All the cool kids know it’s all about CBG now. Let’s put it in terms you might understand. CBG is to CBD what SnapChat is to Instagram. Got it? Good. Facetiousness aside, though, this is something you need to pay attention to.

If you’re blindsided by this revelation, don’t panic. The folks at Creating Better Days have you covered with their brand new 1:1 ratio CBG/CBD hemp flower, lovingly grown without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and packaged in a container with a childproof lid and seal.

But what exactly is CBG? If you ask the Creating Better Days team, they’ll tell you that it’s the mother of all cannabinoids, the precursor from which all of the other cannabinoids are formed. They’ll also tell you that like CBD, it’s non-intoxicating and believed by many to have numerous potential health benefits. Sadly, they can’t tell you want those benefits are without breaking the law.

But we can! According to initial studies, CBG shows incredible promise in improving mood, reducing inflammation, killing bacteria, acting as a neuroprotectant, and fighting cancer, just to name just a few. Oh, and it works best when taken with CBD. God bless the 1st Amendment!


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