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CBN for Your Canine Companion

Beyond CBD: CBN Might be the Key to Calming Your Pup

CBD and hemp products have become increasingly popular in the last decade among both humans and pets. Pet CBD manufacturers advertise their products as helping keep dogs calm, helping relieve physical discomfort, mobility, and much more. These claims are purely anecdotal, as the FDA is yet to conduct studies on hemp products for dogs. Despite the lack of tangible evidence, millions of pet owners worldwide swear by the results of CBD and hemp supplements for their furry companions.

A new hemp product has recently become available for pets, which is leveling up the all-natural pet supplement market. CBN for dogs is becoming an increasingly popular supplement because it acts very differently than CBD. For pet owners looking for extra calming effects, CBN may be the answer as it is reported to be incredibly sedative in large doses, and calming in small doses. Currently there exists little to no all natural sleep products for dogs, and truly effective products are few and far between. Pet CBN tinctures may be a perfect choice for dog owners because they are non-psychoactive, and substantially more calming than CBD pet products.

For pet owners looking for extra calming effects, CBN may be the answer as it is reported to be incredibly sedative in large doses, and calming in small doses.

What is CBN?

CBN stands for cannabinol, which is a form of degraded THC. It is approximately 1/30th as psychoactive as THC, which is great for consumers and pet owners who are looking for calming and sedative effects of hemp without the high. THC converts naturally to CBN over time, and through heat and oxidation. These three catalysts actively degrade and change the THC molecule into its final form of CBN. This compound has become incredibly popular among people looking to promote deeper and less disruptive sleep cycles. It was only recently that CBN entered the pet market, but it has quickly is become a highly sought after compound for dog owners looking to keep their furry friends chilled out.

When is the best time to give CBN to dogs?

In small doses (about 0.25mg to 0.5mg per pound), CBN can help promote calm and less reactive behavior in anxious and reactive dogs. In large doses (about 0.5 to 1mg per pound), CBN has been reported to actually sedate dogs and promote calm and restorative sleep cycles. Based on feedback from dog owners, here are some examples of situations where dog owners might give CBN to their furry companion.

Give small doses of CBN to dogs:

  • Before going to the dog park
  • Before trips to the vet or groomer
  • Before taking a reactive dog into public

Give large doses of CBN to dogs:

  • Before long car rides or long trips
  • Before fireworks
  • To keep dogs sedated while recovering from surgery
  • To help dogs sleep through the night

How to dose a pet with CBN

CBN can kick in quickly depending on the application. The fastest onset of CBN for dogs occurs when squirting the desired dose of an MCT oil based CBN tincture directly into the pet’s mouth. This form of application can take effect in as little as 10-20 minutes because of a phenomenon known as sublingual absorption. This form of tincture application bypasses the blood-brain barrier, going directly into the blood stream under the tongue and gums, rather than having to be digested first. Sublingual application has the fastest onset, and shorter effects, closer to 4-6 hour duration depending on dose, size and tolerance. Of course not all dogs will cooperate with directly taking a tincture or pill, so the dogs’ behavior and tendencies may eliminate this option.

Giving a dog their desired dose of CBN on their favorite treat or food will have slightly different effects. Using the CBN tincture bottle, drop the desired CBN dose on the pet’s food or favorite treat. This can take anywhere from 40 minutes – an hour and a half to take effect because the dog has to digest the food in order for the CBN to reach the blood stream and take effect.

Dosing a dog with CBN using the food method may take longer to kick in, but the effects last longer, closer to a 6-8 hours total duration. Many dog owners employ both forms of applications, if they want faster effects that will not last as long they might squirt the tincture directly into the dogs mouth. If the owner wants longer lasting and more extended release effects, they may decide to apply the CBN directly to the dogs’ food or treat.

What is Dream Pet CBN tincture?

Dream Pet CBN tincture is a 100% organic CBN tincture made for both dogs and cats. Dream Pet CBN tincture is made using five all natural and simple but effective ingredients- MCT oil which is refined coconut oil that has many health benefits for dogs. A 2:1 ratio of THC-free CBD and CBN extracts formulated for calming and sedative effects in humans. Lastly it is enhanced with lavender for extra calming effects and flavored with bacon-formulated essential oils so that dogs and cats will enjoy the taste!

Why was Dream Pet CBN tincture formulated?

I formulated this CBN tincture for my 22lb Bichon poodle named Bear who herniated a disk in her back 6 months ago. The vets were recommending a surgery which was not only high risk , but carried an estimated cost of around $15,000. One vet recommended bed rest for two weeks and keeping our fingers crossed that the issue resolves on its own. Being a person who uses CBN every night for sleep myself, I immediately decided to formulate a CBN tincture for my dog Bear. Amazingly, it really helped keep her calm, relaxed, and comfortable while she was confined to a crate for two weeks. The vet was amazed with her results, and told us we could skip the surgery as long as she continued to do better. She was showing absolutely no signs of physical discomfort and had regained full mobility after two weeks. I credit much of her recovery to my Dream Pet CBN tincture; without the CBN it would have been quite difficult to keep Bear calm since she is a playful six-year-old dog, and we have another puppy in the house who loves to rile her up.

Before Dream Pet CBN, every time we wanted to sedate Bear, we used Benadryl per our vet’s recommendation. Since Benadryl is synthetic, I tried to give it to my dog as little as possible. I knew I had created a unique product with Dream Pet that I had to share with the world. Dream pet is one of the most effective all natural solutions to promote sleep and calm behavior in pets. Dream Pet CBN tincture can be ordered online, and is made by holistic pet owners, for holistic pet owners!

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