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Canna Aid

Ceramic Dab Straws


The dab straw: by far the simplest, most gimmick-free way to slurp up that sticky sweet goodness from the surface of your silicone, whether it’s a container or a mat. Those super fancy dab rigs with the bubble chambers, perks and add-on recyclers are all fantastic, but sometimes, simplicity wins – and it doesn’t get simpler than a straw and a torch. Torch tip, slurp, repeat. Suddenly, the Dead becomes listenable and Rick and Morty becomes watchable. 

The fellas at White Rhino has already been on the dab straw kick for a hot minute with their self-branded boro straws offered to retailers in pre-packaged displays. But now, they’re stepping it up a notch with a brand-new ceramic line. 

Why ceramic? Same reason we love our ceramic nails and chambers, duh; because ceramic can be used at a wider temperature range, which means more flavor possibilities, and it’s more durable than glass or quartz, which means better value. Each unit stands five inches tall, has a width of 12mm at the base and comes with a silicon cap to keep the tip clean. 

Available in 8.5”x8.5” retail ready displays of 100.

Canna Aid

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