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Chill Steel Pipes

When we say we’re bringing you something cool, we’re not exaggerating — the Chill is a stainless-steel, vacuum insulated smoking device, designed to take life’s bumps and bruises while also keeping your water cold for hours. 

The Chill is the brainchild of Rich Gonzalez, a Deadhead and cannabis enthusiast with a background in the housewares industry where he developed and marketed cooking utensils and insulated water bottles — the latter of which became the inspiration for a “killer bong.” Gonzalez spent more than a year perfecting his invention and securing patents for its double-walled construction and first-of-its-kind interior ceramic lining.

“With many of the other chilled devices on the market, you must stick them in the freezer, but we circumvented that with the vacuum insulation, so you can put ice and water in it, and it will stay cold for 12 to 14 hours. And because the cold it trapped inside, the outside doesn’t sweat, making hands and surfaces wet,” Gonzalez says. “The special ceramic lining is essentially like glass (after being cured in the manufacturing process), so hits are flavorful, and because the pipe is modular, you simply screw off the neckpiece to clean.”

The OG Chill is a sleek stainless-steel version with a nine-inch neck. You can also choose from a variety of solid color bases and interchangeable neckpieces in patterns including snakeskin, marble, cherry wood, and psychedelic floral. There’s even pink and rainbow Glitterbomb limited editions that Gonzales says are particularly “Instagram worthy” and appealing to young ladies among the smoking crowd. 

Gonzalez has hundreds of designs in the pipeline, and will soon add accessories including glass perks, attachments to turn the Chill into a dab rig, an ash catcher and even a mold that makes the perfect size ice cubes to fit into the device. He purposefully created the threading to be “open source”
to work with major water pipe components on the market.

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