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Concentrated Powdered Hemp Oil Could be “Game Changer” for Manufacturers


Hemp Synergistics LLC ( has released a highly concentrated powdered hemp oil called Bio-Dri, which is specifically formulated with all-natural to give supplement manufacturers the ability to produce cannabinoid formulations across multiple delivery formats, including tablets, capsules, and edibles. 


According to the Pittsburgh-based firm, Bio-Dri is five times the concentration of current hemp oil powders, which allows for combination with other ingredients. 


“This product is a game changer for the manufacturing industry,” said Ron Fazio, chief operations officer of Hemp Synergistics, in a press release. “Before, manufacturers were limited by either working with difficult hemp oil or highly diluted nano-emulsified powder. Not only is Bio-Dri easy to work with, it requires 90 percent less material to achieve the same cannabinoid dose and will be a huge benefit in product development and manufacturing.” 


According to the firm, compared to nano-encapsulated technology that requires at least 80% of capsule volume to achieve a minimum dose of cannabidiol (CBD), Bio-Dri uses less than 8% of capsule volume to achieve the desired dosage of CBD. “Our patent pending manufacturing process not only delivers superior absorption capabilities, but also freedom to flex your formulating muscles,” said Mark Mangieri, Hemp Synergistics’ director of product development, in a press release. “Bio-Dri micro-encapsulates and protects the cannabinoids from stomach acids, improving the consumers’ experience.” 


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