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Canna Aid



Scene: your shop.

Cast: your best employee and your best customer.

“Welcome back, dude! You gotta check out this sick new dugout we just brought in.”

“Meh. Dugouts were cool 20 years ago. I’m more into dabs now.”

“Oh, good point. Sorry, I’ve been dealing with old people all day.”

“No, it’s cool. I just wish they’d make a dugout for dabs.”

“Oh, do you? Well, I’m a genie and you just rubbed my lamp. Let me show you the Dabout.”

“What’s a Dabout??”

“Exactly what you wished for. It’s like a dugout, but for dabs. Check it out. It’s a pocket-sized, food-grade silicone storage case, equipped with a glass dab straw and three compartments for storing your sticky. I took mine to the festival last week. It was a huge hit.”

“Sick. But dude, I’d still have to carry a mat around.”

“No, that’s the best part. You can do rips right out of the compartments.”

“Dawg. That’s badass. Only $20?? Give me one of each color.”

“Are you sure you want all seven?”

“Yeah, man. Grabbing stocking stuffers early! I just finally made my New Year’s resolution for 2019. It’s to quit procrastinating.”

Cue ‘cha-ching’ from cash register, end scene.
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