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December 2020 Welcome

Is it really December already? Can we start rejoicing in the triumph our survival of 2020, or is it too soon? No one wants to be the guy who celebrates the touchdown at the five-yard line, only to be tackled and fumble at the one. That’s the worst. 

For the majority of us, though, there is ample reason to spike the ball and shake a leg for a victory dance. Despite all of the restrictions, all of the fallout and utter chaos, many of us continued to thrive, some of us even managing to improve. The dynamism of our instincts, informed by years of working in an unpredictable landscape equipped us to duck, dodge and reinvent. We added e-commerce, we implemented curbside pickup, we applied for essential service exemptions; we did what we had to do—and we soldiered on.

So pop a cork, because you deserve it. Even better, come join us in New Orleans this January for a real celebration. 

Happy Holidays!