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Canna Aid

Defender Smell Proof Padded Backpack

Travelers, whether going around the globe or just across town, understand the importance of quality backpacks. For cannabis enthusiasts who like to carry their smoking gear with them when they’re on the go, storage and protection go hand-in-hand. Enter the Defender, from Revelry Supply, a futuristic, glinting, multi-purpose, water-resistant, odor-proof, lockable, smart-sized roll-top backpack that suits everyone everywhere and anywhere. Defender features multiple compartments for convenient organization, most importantly, two interior padded pockets perfect for maximum protection of your favorite glass piece. Genuine leather accents, thick padding, soft microfiber lining and carbon-filter system make the Defender an unparalleled travel partner. We can’t forget style — the Defender is available in a range of colors and patterns including basic black, camo brown, ash gray, smoke, tribal maroon, and purple tie dye.

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