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Digital signage, you might say, is the sign of the times.

Whereas traditional signs are complicated and costly to change, digital signage makes it quick and easy to update your message. With a few clicks of a button, you can change your display to whatever is relevant at the moment, whether it’s a promotion, product launch, or special event.

Here are few of the benefits of choosing digital signage for your smoke shop or dispensary. 

Attracts Attention

Today’s consumers are ad blind, which means they easily overlook other types of signage and media. Digital signage is vibrant, and animated, and is more likely to get the attention of someone walking by than a static sign hanging in your shop’s window.

To maximize the attention-grabbing effects of digital signage, make sure that you’re posting unique and entertaining content. Additionally, you also want to ensure that you’re putting your signage in areas that will be seen by customers. For example, placing the sign in front of your store’s entryway will grab the attention of people passing by and encourage them to stop in. Signs are especially attention-grabbing if you’re promoting a big sale or special shopping event.

Easy Updates

Unlike traditional signs and banners, digital signage is quick and easy to update allowing you to change your display regularly with new and relevant content.

Digital signage is operated from an app or computer program, which makes updates as convenient and straightforward as possible. In addition, content management systems that allow you to schedule new content such as when you want to change your daytime message to attract nighttime customers. 

Boost Engagement 

Social networks are a convenient and effective way to interact with your customers and get your message seen by a large audience. Digital signage can play into your social strategy. For example, you can display your social media handles on your signage, or you can even display hashtags that customers can use to interact with your brand. Another idea is to display comments or posts from followers and customers to help build trust for your business.

Improve the Waiting Time Experience

Digital signage can keep customers entertained and engaged while waiting for service. In addition, your display can provide more detailed information about your products, like how it works or how it benefits them. Brands and distributors will have product photos and even videos that you can add to the mix.

Increase Impulse Purchases

Digital signs allow you to advertise discounts and sales at the ideal time and place – when customers are already in your store and contemplating making a purchase.

Digital signs are available in a variety of sizes from big screens and kiosks to photo size frames so you can strategically place them in the right location — near a product display or front counter to boost impulse purchases and ultimately increase overall revenue.

Canna Aid

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