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Precision is always important when dabbing because understanding how much you are dabbing is crucial to the enjoyment and the type of experience you’ll get. The DigiTül (patent pending), from Stache Products, is the first-ever digital scale tool designed to accurately weigh concentrates in single-dose quantities, making it perfect for a medical patient wanting to accurately dose or microdose, the budget-conscious consumer wanting to ration their product, the curious consumer who just wants to know their intake, or the recreational consumer wanting to flex how much they’re consuming. This revolutionary handheld mini-scale measures as low as .05g up to 200g, making it easy to see exactly how much wax sits on the end of the tool. Each package includes a steel shovel tip that attaches to the top of the scale with a magnet. And it’s available in your choice of purple or black! The DigiTül is next step in
consumption management.

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