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DON’T Show the Money to Motivate Your Employees

Tom Cruise’s client in Jerry Maguire told him, “Show me the money!” But that’s a movie — in real life you can absolutely motivate employees without money — and sometimes to better effect than if a cash reward was used alone.

A recent Salesforce survey found that rather than money, what workers really want is a pat on the back. An overwhelming 78% named recognition as their main motivator in their jobs; 69% state if they were given more recognition, they would give more effort; and 78% would gladly recommend their company’s products.

Here are two tips for incentivizing your hardworking employees — without changing their pay packet.

Empower Them To Succeed

Good employees and managers understand their roles and strive to produce accordingly. Yet, great staff members often want the chance to go above and beyond. Let employees take an active role in an upcoming project. Offer your guidance throughout the project, without stealing any of their thunder. They will appreciate the mentorship and advice. Not only does it demonstrate their ability to tackle a new project but, it also shows that you value their leadership and effort.

Play it Forward

A team day out can be any fun activity you can think of that will get your employees chatting and bonding with each other. There are so many cool and quirky spaces and events — try to think outside the box and find an activity that’s unique, but not expensive. A planned trip to a bowling alley (with pizza and drinks) or a white water raft ride can be enough to motivate your hard-working employees and give them a chance to get to know you as a person, away from your role as a boss. It’s also a brilliant way to forge bonds between employees and make a new member of staff feel welcome.

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